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Blue Ribbon 2017

2017 Blue Ribbon Month

Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Campaign

Every year Cope Family Center launches an awareness campaign during April (Child Abuse Prevention Month - Blue Ribbon Month) to bring attention to the issue of child abuse in Napa County. This year's campaign includes: 

  • Screening of RESILIENCE: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope at Crosswalk Church on April 7th
  • Screening of RESILIENCE: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope at Cameo Cinema on April 26th
  • Blue Ribbon sponsorship campaign to help raise funds for child abuse prevention programs - Donate Now! 
  • Collaborative report on The Economics of Abuse 
  • Presentations at local service clubs about the child abuse prevention programs and services that Cope offers
  • Blue Ribbon Murals project with New Technology High School
  • Distribution of Child Abuse Prevention information and materials by the Child Abuse Prevention Council


The idea of a child being abused or neglected is bad enough, but the damage goes beyond the child. A single instance impacts not only them, but their family, our community, and our society at large. In fact, child abuse is a core underlying factor to many of te ongoing struggles of our community such as dropout rates, homelessness, high incarceration and health concerns. All of these factors cost our community not just socially, but economically. 

Victims of child abuse are more likely to be unemployed, rely on public assistance, require special education, intervention services, foster care, hospital care - the list goes on. Abuse children are also far more likely to continue the cycle of abuse with their own families. These are all factors that affect not only the individual, but our entire community. That effect can be measured in real dollars - $275,770 per victim over their lifetime. 

How can YOU help put a stop to this? 

Get Informed: View the full report, The Economics of Abuse, to learn more about how child abuse affects not just one, but all.

Be Aware: Know the signs of abuse and teach children in your life how to stay safe. 

Always Report Suspected Abuse: Child abuse goes largely unreported. It is estimated that cases are actually three times what is reported. If you have a suspicion, don't hesitate, report it. 

If you suspect that a child you know is being abused or neglected you can make a referral by calling either one of these two 24-hour emergency response hotlines. 

Local Calls: (707) 253-4261

Toll Free: (800) 464-4216 

Support Child Abuse Prevention Services: Sponsor a blue ribbon in honor of April, Child Abuse Prevention Month. Funds raised through blue ribbon sponsorship go directly towards keeping Napa Children safe. 

Speak Up: Share these sample tweets and posts on your own page to help spread awareness about child abuse prevention this month. 

- Child Abuse costs #Napa County millions each year. It's time to protect kids & cut the #CostOfAbuse. bit.ly/2oyrZLV

- When we keep kids safe we safeguard futures & ensure a healthier society. Learn more: bit.ly/2oyrZLV

- The #CostOfAbuse is too high. It destroys futures & degrades our society. Learn more: bit.ly/2oyrZLV

- I support #ChildAbusePrevention in #Napa County. Do you? www.tinyurl.com/BlueRibbonsForKids

You can also call the Child Abuse Prevention Council at Cope Family Center for blue ribbon pins, posters, bookmarks, Mandated Reporter materials, and ideas on how you can support this year's Blue Ribbon Campaign.

For more information, call (707) 252-1123.