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One Friday afternoon, as Jana was on her way to pickup her grandson from school, she received a very disturbing call. The police had come to her daughter’s apartment the night before, arrested... More »
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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and we want to share with our community the ways that we "do blue" to support our most vulnerable population. Our theme this year is #HowWeDoBlue, which focuses on ways to promote child abuse prevention efforts and protect our children. Too often this critical issue is kept in the dark because it can be a painful reality to address. But the children who suffer from abuse and neglect do not have the luxury of avoiding this issue. We need to shed light on the abuse that damages so many lives. In the United States, 3,000 children die every year from child abuse. That is 8 children every day. We can no longer avoid talking about this extremely preventable issue. Here are some ways that we promise to support children and prevent child abuse:

  • We Advocate
  • We Facilitate
  • We Collaborate
  • We Alleviate
  • We Educate

How do you do blue? We hope to see you at our April Blue Ribbon events and that you will continue to help us prevent child abuse and promote child safety and well-being all year long.