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Child Abuse Prevention Council

The Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) is state-mandated to act as an umbrella council for those agencies and community members who work in the field of child abuse prevention and service.

Cope Family Center is the lead agency for CAPC of Napa County, which has served Napa County for more than 30 years. Members of CAPC's Steering Committee and Council itself work to identify goals and act upon them.

The Child Abuse Prevention Council:

  • Creates a unified voice for child abuse prevention in Napa County
  • Promotes and coordinates the myriad of resource agencies that work in prevention and service
  • Supports projects that have a direct positive effect on child abuse prevention and service delivery for the abused
  • Represents the council's prevention role as a member of the Child Death Review Team
  • Facilitates and co-sponsors events, workshops and trainings
  • Is a member of the Greater Bay Area CAPC Coalition, which supports and facilitates regional events and trainings
  • Facilitates childhood sexual abuse prevention trainings and workshops

Each April, CAPC mounts the Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Campaign, symbolized by the Blue Ribbon. Each year, Blue Ribbon Month focuses on a different aspect of child abuse. Awareness activities and events take place throughout the month of April to educate the community about child abuse prevention and make Napa County a safer place for children.

CAPC of Napa County was instrumental in the creation of The Courage Center, a safe, holistic environment for child victims of sexual and physical abuse, where interviews and physical examinations can be provided in an all-encompassing child-friendly environment.

In addition, CAPC delivers critical Mandated Reporter Trainings to agencies employing individuals that work closely with children and families. Mandated Reporter Trainings (MRTs) inform mandated reporters of their legal obligations to report known and suspected child abuse or neglect, what the signs are to look for, the process of reporting and what happens after a report is made. Participants are given the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the child welfare system. If your agency would like to schedule a FREE training, please contact Dianne Jackel at djackel@copefamilycenter.org.

For more information, please contact
Diane Jackel at (707) 252-1123 ext. 125 or djackel@copefamilycenter.org


Steering Committee

Michele Grupe, Co-Chair
Executive Director,
Cope Family Center
Allison Haley, Co-Chair
District Attorney,
District Attorney’s Office

Mark Bontrager
Executive Director,
Aldea Children & Family Services
Mary Butler
Chief Probation Officer,
Napa County Probation Department
Je Ton Carey
ECSC Coordinator
Napa County Office of Education
James Diel
Clinical Director,
Napa County Mental Health
Julie DiVerde
Executive Director,
Jean Donaldson
Deputy Sherriff,
Napa County Sherriff’s Department
Agnes Dziadur
Deputy District Attorney,
District Attorney’s Office
Rebecca Feiner
Assistant Deputy Director,
Napa County Child Welfare Services
Joelle Gallagher
Executive Director,
First 5 Napa County
Lisa Gomez
Community Partnership Director,
Jennifer Gonzalez
Police Officer,
Napa Police Department
Bill Hernandez
Police Officer,
Napa Police Department
 Nicole Hudley 
D.V. Program Manager, 
Jessica Hunlin
Program Director,
Dianne Jackel
CAPC Coordinator/Parent Educator,
Cope Family Center
Yuka Kamiishi
Victim Witness Program Manager,
District Attorney’s Office
Laura Keller
Director of Public Health Nursing and Maternal Child & Adolescent Health,
Napa County Health & Human Services
Tracy Lamb
Executive Director,
Erika Lubensky
Executive Director,
Community Resource for Children
Mike Mansuy
Director of Student Services,
Napa Valley Unified School District
Jenny Ocón
Executive Director,
Up Valley Family Centers
Reverend Pete Shaw
Crosswalk Community Church
Anna Shetka, LCSW
Manager, Retired,
Office of Child Abuse Prevention
Ian Stanley
Program Director,
LGBTQ Connection
Reverend Julie Webb
Napa Valley Lutheran Church