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Children's Bill of Rights

 Napa County Children’s Bill of Rights 

In 2015, the Napa County Board of Supervisors adopted the Children's Bill of Rights to help ensure that ALL Napa children have healthy, safe AND loving lives. Here is the bill of rights as told from the children's point of view: 


BE IT RESOLVED, we resolve to invest in all children and youth so that:  

-    They are raised in an environment that is peaceful, supportive and secure and meets all of their basic needs (nutritious food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, childcare).

-    They have healthy attachments to parents, guardians or caregivers who nurture and love them from birth.

-    They enjoy healthful and plentiful meals daily and partake in physical activity and time outdoors and in nature.

-    They have access to healthcare to maintain optimum physical, mental and dental health.

-    They have access to quality education that promotes future success in school, career and life.

-    They voice opinions in matters of interest to them, develop their leadership capacity and engage in their community.

-    They feel supported by the larger community and maintain a sense of hope for the future.

-    They are encouraged to explore and express their innate curiosity and creativity.