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Children's Bill of Rights

Napa County Children’s Bill of Rights

BE IT RESOLVED, we resolve to invest in all children and youth so that:  

-    They are raised in an environment that is peaceful, supportive and secure and meets all of their basic needs (nutritious food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, childcare).

-    They have healthy attachments to parents, guardians or caregivers who nurture and love them from birth.

-    They enjoy healthful and plentiful meals daily and partake in physical activity and time outdoors and in nature.

-    They have access to healthcare to maintain optimum physical, mental and dental health.

-    They have access to quality education that promotes future success in school, career and life.

-    They voice opinions in matters of interest to them, develop their leadership capacity and engage in their community.

-    They feel supported by the larger community and maintain a sense of hope for the future.

-    They are encouraged to explore and express their innate curiosity and creativity.