“How wonderful it is that no one need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
— Anne Frank
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Family Circle

What does "family" mean to you? In today's society, this word denotes something different for each of us. Whether you are part of a two-parent household, a grandparent raising a grandchild or part of a blended family, the common bond for all of us is that our families are the building blocks of our community.

The Family Circle is a group of people sensitive to the needs of the community who give $250 or more annually to help fulfill the mission of Cope Family Center. The Family Circle's fundamental commitments are to engage, inform and inspire the Napa community to give our families the support they need to live healthy, self-sufficient lives.

As the First Stop for Families, Cope Family Center offers help for all families to create safe, supportive and healthy homes for their children. Some of our comprehensive services enable:

  • First-time parents to benefit from our parent education classes and one-on-one child development assessments.
  • Families struggling with divorce and separation to learn to manage family dynamics and put their child's needs first through our co-parenting classes and supervised visitation services.
  • Single parents to utilize our drop-in childcare to get respite from the challenges of raising their children alone. Additionally, they develop supportive connections with other single parents through our support groups.
  • Grandparents and other relatives who find themselves raising someone else's child to get support from our home visitation program and Kinship support group.
  • Families struggling to make ends meet to benefit from our safety net (emergency aid) program and learn how to stretch their dollars through our financial education classes and free tax clinics.
  • Parents who are new to the community to establish a network of support with local parents.

As you can tell, we're doing a great deal for Napa families, but we need your help to continue! You'll find a list of the Family Circle's benefits below. Please don't hesitate to contact Michele Grupe at 707.252.1123 x 115 or mgrupe@copefamilycenter.org for more information.