“How wonderful it is that no one need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
— Anne Frank
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A grandmother learns to be a mom again…
One Friday afternoon, as Jana was on her way to pickup her grandson from school, she received a very disturbing call. The police had come to her daughter’s apartment the night before, arrested... More »
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There are a number of events and social gatherings offered through the year as fund and friend raisers. See what we have planned so far »

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Cope Family Center welcomes the support of individuals and businesses in support of our mission to prevent child abuse and support families in Napa County. Monetary investments, in-kind support and volunteer talent are all graciously accepted. Learn more about how you can sponsor an event, program or family’s participation in our services through our giving clubs.  

Community Circle

Cope Family Center's giving club for businesses and community organizations, the Community Circle, connects your business or organization to the Napa community in a way that supports your employees or members and their families.

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Family Circle

The Family Circle is a group of people sensitive to the needs of the community, whose  fundamental commitments are to engage, inform and inspire the Napa community to give our families the support they need to live healthy, self-sufficient lives.

Family Circle Sponsors

Community Circle
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Family Circle
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