“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”
— H. Jackson Brown Jr.
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A grandmother learns to be a mom again…
One Friday afternoon, as Jana was on her way to pickup her grandson from school, she received a very disturbing call. The police had come to her daughter’s apartment the night before, arrested... More »
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Great opportunity for parents of K-12 students! https://t.co/5Pq01vsAvs
Feb 22nd 2:43pm   link »
45th Anniversary Celebration: Laugh Lounge 45 with Mike Birbiglia https://t.co/KIXyWvnsUp https://t.co/mkQTrK7mz6
Feb 16th 6:08pm   link »
An eyeopening new report by @sfcapc about the Economics of Child Abuse. It's time to the cut the #CostOfAbusehttps://t.co/CTolAijCuL
Jan 20th 1:29pm   link »
Check out Carina, our #Americorps member and her volunteers at @mlkmonday, A Day of Action & Compassion working on… https://t.co/MYIGFekZ2S
Jan 19th 2:31pm   link »
Happy Holidays from Cope's family to yours!! Have a wonderful New Year!
Dec 31st 12:55pm   link »
Choosing Between Shelter and School https://t.co/ujsqErtOfx
Dec 16th 2:45pm   link »
Why doesn't public school start at birth? https://t.co/JmD80No5SA
Dec 15th 2:40pm   link »
What if you could be the difference in a child's life? That's the question we ask in our yearend video. See it here! https://t.co/6jqvOI3An0
Dec 15th 12:20pm   link »
Shopping for gifts on Amazon this holiday season? Consider using @amazonsmile and choosing Cope! https://t.co/lZSL6mkGUj
Dec 14th 6:45pm   link »