Despair Turned to Hope: Amadu's Story

Amadus Family 1.JPG

Amadu came to Cope seeking help after the recent devastating fires. Amadu, a single dad, was at work when the evacuation advisory for his neighborhood was issued on October 11th. Despite the dire situation, his employer wouldn’t permit him to leave to get his three children. Due to his past trauma, the stress triggered Amadu’s PTSD which resulted in his employer putting him on unpaid leave.

He had applied for state disability benefits, but hadn’t yet received payments. Desperate for assistance paying his rent so he could keep a roof over his family’s head, Amadu applied for an Emergency Financial Assistance grant, a disaster relief fund distributed by Cope and funded by the Napa Valley Community Foundation. When Amadu's application was approved, he broke down in tears as he expressed his relief. Knowing his rent would be paid, Amadu felt a glimmer of hope. “My daughter is doing so well in school,” he explained.

“I am so thankful we won’t have to move. She can stay in her school where she is thriving.”

Cope then connected him to other community resources for further support and gave him gift cards to help make ends meet. Amadu also met with a therapist to help manage mental health struggles caused by the fires. He was filled with gratitude for all the support and thanked our staff as he left

"Cope has changed my life," he said.

Every day, parents like Amadu come through our doors facing many struggles but they leave encouraged and equipped to handle life’s challenges and manage the demands of parenting.

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