Help Families like the Floreses


The Flores family was evacuated from their home during the Napa Fires last month. Already living paycheck to paycheck and now temporarily out of work due to the fires, Maria and Mateo were worried about how they would make it through the month. With air thick with smoke, Luis' asthma was acting up. Daniela, their youngest, was having nightmares about the fires.

The Flores family was scared and unsure how they would make it through this disaster.

The Floreses made it to the Local Assistance Center (LAC), where they met Julie, Cope's Program Director. Julie gave them gift cards for their immediate needs and referred them to other financial assistance resources. She gave them masks to protect them from the smoke and referred them for mental health services to support them through the crisis. With Julie's compassionate guidance, the Flores family left the LAC feeling supported and confident that their family would be okay.

Natural Disaster. Poverty. Mental Illness. Childhood Trauma.

These are just some of the challenges that can cause significant stress in the family. Despite parents’ best intentions, their struggles can impact their children. Without support, the stress can sometimes become too much to manage and children can be at risk for neglect and even abuse.

Cope is here to provide the support parents need to manage stressful situations and challenging life events so they can give their children a secure, loving and healthy home.

Every day, parents come through Cope’s doors facing many struggles but they leave encouraged and equipped to handle life’s challenges and manage the demands of parenting. Our work is possible because of your support.

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