When families need services beyond what we provide, our staff will help connect you with other community organizations and government agencies for further assistance.


Sandra's Story

Sandra, the mother of three young children, was referred to Cope by Child Protective Services. When she arrived at the Family Resource Center, she was having suicidal thoughts which she attributed to the chaos in her life including custody issues with her oldest child’s father, self-medication with prescription drugs and financial challenges. Her husband, Doug, had quit his job to take care of the children due to her severe depression. Cope’s staff assessed Sandra’s needs and connected her with the appropriate community resources. She was able to get medical treatment for her depression, participated in weekly therapy sessions, joined a depression support group and began a substance abuse recovery program. The family also received rental assistance to ensure the family could remain in their home during Doug’s unemployment. Thanks to Cope’s support, Sandra is healthy and sober, Doug is employed and they are successfully parenting their young children.