Return on Investment


Wine Sponsor Recognition Opportunity

Cope’s annual Blue Plate Special hosts 150 of Napa’s prominent community leaders with the goal of raising $250,000.

As a top level Vineyard Club member, you will get a priority invitation to feature your wine at Blue Plate Special , giving your company exclusive recognition as the Wine Sponsor at the event.

Available to Cellar level members.

Blue Ribbon Month Sponsor Recognition

Every April, Cope Family Center launches the Blue Ribbon Month Campaign commemorating Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Included in your Vineyard Club membership is recognition as a Blue Ribbon Month Sponsor. Your company will be recognized in printed and digital collateral that is distributed throughout the month. You will be recognized as a champion of child abuse prevention.

Available to Cellar level members.

Monthly Family Socials Sponsor Recognition

Monthly client social events help families connect with others to help build a network of support. Attendance averages 35 parents and children each month.

Being recognized at these events will strengthen your reputation as a company that cares for the community and is actively supporting Napa’s children and their families.

Available to Barrel level members.

Employee Recruitment Opportunity

Cope helps families build self-sufficiency and family success by connecting them with resources in the community, including employment assistance. Our staff will distribute your job listings to clients who may be seeking new employment opportunities.

This recruitment opportunity connects your employment needs with a pool of Napa County residents who are motivated and goal oriented.

Available to Barrel level members and above.

A Cope Parent Educator will come to your business and provide your employees with an onsite parenting class.

This benefit to your employees provides them with an opportunity to improve their family management skills and increase home-life stability while also demonstrating your commitment to enhancing the lives of your employees.

Available to Barrel level members and above.

Onsite Parenting Class for Employees

Cope’s parenting classes are proven to help parents manage the stresses of parenting and challenging life events so that they can become better parents.

Recognition at a parenting class will demonstrate your commitment to the community and build your reputation as a family oriented business.

Available to Bottle level members and above.

Parenting Class Sponsor Recognition

Cope will host an annual “Industry” Party for all the members of the Vineyard Circle.

Your business is invited to attend the party and have the opportunity to network with other community-minded business in the wine industry while also showcasing your wines to your peers.

Available to all Vineyard Circle members.

Annual “Industry” Party

Cope will come and present at your company’s staff meeting to let your employees know about all of the services and resources available at Cope.

This benefit to your employees will demonstrate your commitment to supporting your workforce and their families. Your employees will learn how to access vital family support services that can help them increase stability at home resulting in increased concentration and productivity at work.

Available to all Vineyard Circle members.

Presentation of Services to Your Employees

Cope will coordinate with your human resources department to notify them of current and new services offered at Cope that may be valuable to your employees.

This direct line of communication will help your human resources department better serve your employees, giving them tools and resources to refer employees to when needed.

Available to all Vineyard Circle members.

Coordination with Your Human Resources Team

Your participation in the Vineyard Circle will be recognized in Cope’s social media, website and email communications.

This public recognition will further demonstrate your commitment to helping families and reinforce your reputation as a community-minded business.

Available to all Vineyard Circle members.

Recognition in Social Media and Digital Marketing