Triple P - Parenting Classes

Cope’s Triple P classes are for parents or caregivers of children ages 2 years and above. Triple P gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them build strong and healthy relationships, confidently manage their children’s behavior and prevent problems from developing.

Positive parenting is an approach to parenting that gives parents tools and strategies to raise their child in an environment that is safe, loving and predictable. The Triple P program allows parents to decide what is important to them. It doesn’t tell parents how to raise their children, but gives them the confidence and skills to build good relationships with their child, set boundaries and rules, and follow up with consequences that aren’t harmful. Parents set their own goals, identify the changes they would like to see in their child’s behavior and work with the Parent Educator to choose the strategies that will fit in with their family life. 

Triple P has been shown to help reduce children’s problem behavior and also reduce their emotional problems. It also helps parents feel less stressed, angry and depressed. Triple P helps parents:

  • Raise happy, confident kids

  • Manage misbehavior so everyone in the family enjoys life more

  • Set rules and routines that everyone respects and follows

  • Encourage desired behavior

  • Take care of themselves

  • Feel confident they are doing the right thing

There are a variety of different classes being offered depending on your families needs, and children’s age. Read below to learn more about each individual class or contact us at 707.252.1123 with further questions.


Triple P Seminars are designed to be a brief introduction to supportive parenting strategies. They will give parents and caregivers great ideas to take home and try with their family. You can attend these individually or as a series.

Discussion Groups

Triple P Discussion Groups are meant to help parents or caregivers deal with commonly encountered problems like disobedience, fighting and aggression, and managing situations such as shopping with children or bedtime routines. You can attend these individually or as a series.

Family Transitions

Family Transitions Triple P® is a 5 week series that assists parents who need extra support to adjust and manage the transition of separation or divorce. It focuses on skills to resolve conflicts with former partners and how to cope positively with stress.

Group Classes

Group Triple P® is a 9 week series of classes meant to help parents or caregivers of children up to 12 years. Learn about the causes of child behavior problems, setting specific goals, and using strategies to promote child development, manage misbehavior, and plan for high-risk situations.

Teen One-on-One

Teen Triple P® is one-on-one consultations meant to help parents or caregivers of teens deal with commonly encountered problems such as getting teenagers to cooperate, coping with teenagers’ emotions, reducing family conflict, and building teenagers’ survival skills.


Triple P One-on-One are consultations meant to assists parents or caregivers of children up to 12 years old to develop parenting plans to manage behavioral issues and skill development issues.

Teen Group

Teen Triple P® Group is a broad-based parenting intervention delivered over nine weeks for parents of teenagers up to 16-years-old who are interested in learning a variety of parenting skills. Parents may be interested in promoting their teenager’s development and potential or they may have concerns about their teenager’s behavior.

Teen Seminars

Teen Triple P® Seminars series are designed to be a brief introduction to the Triple P strategies. There are three seminar topics with each taking around 60 minutes plus 30 minutes for questions. These seminars will give parents and caregivers great ideas to take home and try with their family.

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Susan & Mark's


Susan and her husband Mark didn’t know how to handle their son Eric’s behavior, which they described as the “terrible twos”. Eric was defiant and violent, hitting other children when he became frustrated. Having grown up in abusive homes themselves, Susan and Mark did not want to repeat the violence they experienced so they enrolled in Cope’s Triple P-Positive Parenting Program for help managing Eric’s behavior. Susan and Mark learned practical strategies to help them build a healthy relationship with their son, confidently manage his behavior and prevent further problems from developing. By the fourth week of class, Susan and Mark found they had created a much calmer and more rewarding relationship with Eric. Cope’s parenting classes empowered them with the skills and knowledge to break the cycle of abuse and give Eric a brighter future.