Parent Education & Support

Cope’s parent education and support program provides parents and caregivers with the support and skills to build strong family relationships. Our goal is to promote healthy families by reducing stress, improving parenting skills, strengthening parent confidence, developing coping skills and building resiliency.

Unless otherwise noted, services are available in English and Spanish. Free childcare and meals are available at many of the classes and groups. Most classes and groups require pre-registration.

Home Visiting Program

Our Home Visiting program helps parents take baby steps towards building a loving, safe and healthy home for their children. This program follows a nationally accreditted and evidence-based model which is rooted in the belief that early, nurturing relationships are the foundation for life-long, healthy development. Parents work with their Family Support Provider during pregnancy and until age five or until the child enters kindergarten. Together, they create goals that build upon the family’s strengths, promote parent-child connectedness and create self-sufficiency. This long-term program gives parents and caregivers the knowledge and tools to ensure their children are nurtured in a loving, safe and engaging environment.

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Triple-P® Parenting Classes

Our parenting classes offer a safe, non-judgmental place to learn positive, pro-active parenting skills. Our goal is to empower parents with the knowledge and skills to develop strong loving relationships with their children.Cope utilizes the Triple P® (Positive Parenting Program) curriculum which helps parents develop skills, strategies and confidence to handle any parenting situation.  Our classes are designed for parents of children ages 2-16 years. Classes are offered one-on-one or in a group setting, depending on the family’s needs. 


Peer Support

Cope offers a variety of classes and groups that help parents connect with our Napa Valley community while supporting one another in being the best leaders they can be to their children. 


Madres Presentes: A class for women which encourages self-refection and mutual learning (Spanish only). 

Mom's Group: Peer support group for women (Spanish only). 

Healthy Relationship Group: Offered in partnership with Mentis, the Healthy Relationship Group is a therapist-led support group for parents, individuals or couples, facing difficulties in their relationships. Discover how developing self-understanding, learning to trust and expressing feelings can strengthen your relationships with your partner, children and others.  

For more information about parent education and support services, contact us at 707.252.1123 or