Empowering parents with education, resources and support creates a lasting impact on the parents, their children and the community as a whole. More.

Impact on Parents

  • Strengthen parent-child attachment
  • Help parents develop confidence
  • Reduce parenting stress levels
  • Strengthen parenting effectiveness
  • Increase parents' understanding of children's developmental milestones and needs; help parents create a more responsive and developmentally stimulating home environment promote family self-sufficiency
  • Increase access to primary care medical services and community services
  • Achieve greater financial security

Impact on Children

  • Prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) such as child abuse and neglect
  • Increase school readiness and long-term improvements in children's school performance
  • Promote child mental and physical health and development
  • Improve children's social-emotional well-being

Impact on Community

  • Cost savings (link to cost of abuse)
  • Long-term positive impacts on community health

Stories of Impact