Baby Steps Takes Big Leap

Baby Steps, one of our most intensive parenting support programs, is increasing its scope to meet the needs of our community. Previously the program had been reserved for young, first-time moms and their families. Now Baby Steps is open to all pregnant moms and their families in Napa County, regardless of age or number of children.

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Our Baby Steps Home Visitation program follows the Healthy Families America (HFA) model. This model provides families with parent education and support services with the belief that early, nurturing relationships are the foundation for life-long, healthy development. Parents work with their Family Support Provider during pregnancy and through the child’s 5th birthday. Together, they create goals that build upon the family’s strengths, promote parent-child connectedness and create self-sufficiency. This long-term program gives parents and caregivers the knowledge and tools to ensure their child or children are nurtured in a loving, safe and engaging environment.

This seemingly small change in scope will allow Cope to help even more families start off their parenting journey with the support and skills they need to raise children who thrive.

For more information about Baby Steps or any of our other programs and services, please contact us at 707.252.1123 or