Cope Responds to the Wildfire Disaster

Napa Valley Register Letter to the Editor

For 45 years, Cope Family Center has helped families through difficult times, providing parent education and support services such as crisis intervention, referrals and emergency assistance to help parents raise children who thrive.

Since the wildfires broke out in October, Cope has been applying this experience to help those affected by the disaster. Staff is trained in trauma-informed case management and skilled in establishing trust with clients. Their compassion and professionalism has put children and parents at ease and helped them access emergency aid services and other critical support.

Taking on a key role in disaster response is no small undertaking. On behalf of my fellow members of Cope’s Board of Directors, I want to acknowledge the efforts of so many community members who worked tirelessly even though many were directly impacted themselves.

Cope staff worked alongside nonprofit organizations and government agencies to ensure the community’s needs were met during this difficult time. The Napa Valley Community Organizations Active in a Disaster (COAD) provided guidance and structure throughout the response, relief and now recovery efforts.

Of course, none of this would be possible without philanthropic support. Donors from across the Bay Area and beyond have contributed tens of thousands of dollars in gift cards. Hundreds of volunteers have contributed thousands of hours (and counting) to help in myriad ways. Businesses have held fundraisers and donated a portion of sales to fire relief.

The joint efforts of On the Move, Up Valley Family Centers, NEWS and Cope ensured that over 1,500 families received emergency aid, crisis intervention and referrals to services at the Local Assistance Center the weeks after the fires.

In collaboration with the Napa Valley Community Foundation, these agencies developed and implemented the Emergency Financial Assistance grant process that is assisting those facing financial hardship due to the fires with $2.5 million in aid committed to date. The leadership of the NVCF staff, Board and donors in supporting our community in crisis is truly inspiring.

As we shift from emergency assistance to long-term recovery, many families will continue to need financial, emotional and mental health support to recover and heal from the disaster. Cope will continue to be here to support the community, as they have for the past 45 years.

To learn more about Cope’s role in the fire response and their ongoing programs and services for families, visit their website at

The generosity of our community has been overwhelming. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the Cope staff, volunteers, partners and donors who worked together to support our community throughout this disaster.

Carole Kelly, President
Cope Family Center Board of Directors