"Napa Valley's children and families need you now more than ever" : A message from Marti Brennan

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My name is Marti and I’m writing today to ask you to please join me in helping break the cycle of child abuse in Napa County. 

I have been a Home Visitor and Parent Educator at Cope Family Center since 1994 and have been supporting children and families for even longer than that. Having committed my life to this work, I can tell you that Napa’s children and their families need your support now more than ever.

I have seen over and over again the life-changing impact Cope’s work has on families. Just the other day, I ran into Marisol at the grocery store. I worked with her many years ago when she came to Cope as a single mother. Raised in an abusive home, Marisol grew up surrounded by violence, uncertainty and fear.

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Like many survivors of child abuse and neglect, Marisol was burdened by her experiences. She struggled with unhealthy relationships, depression and alcohol abuse. When she became a mother, she realized that without support, she would likely follow in her parents’ footsteps. She did not want that to happen.

Marisol came to Cope because she wanted to give her daughter Andrea the childhood she never had. And with Cope’s help, she did. Marisol was able to give Andrea a secure, loving and healthy home.

I was overjoyed to hear that Andrea had recently started a family of her own. “I am so grateful I found you and Cope all those years ago,” Marisol told me. “When I became a mother, I was desperately afraid of making the same mistakes my parents made. Your support and guidance helped me turn my life around so I could be a better parent to my daughter. Now that I am a grandmother, seeing Andrea interact with my grandson brings me so much joy. I know he will always understand how loved he is and will never experience the childhood I had. ”

You can help parents like Marisol to break the cycle of abuse and give their children - and their children’s children - a brighter future.

Today, Napa’s already vulnerable families are facing even more challenges than ever before. The rising cost of living is making it harder and harder to make ends meet. A year after wildfires ravaged our community, impacted families are still struggling to recover from the financial and psychological trauma. The housing crisis in our community is only making the situation worse for families, making it more difficult to keep a roof over their heads.

When families struggle, children suffer.  

In these difficult times, Napa’s children are at increased risk of abuse and neglect. Donate today to help keep children safe. Your support will teach parents how to break the cycle of abuse in their families. It will provide emergency assistance to families in crisis so that their children are less likely to be impacted by the stress. It will connect them with other parents, building a network of support to draw upon during trying times.


I am personally asking you to demonstrate your commitment to Napa’s children by making a tax-deductible donation to Cope Family Center. Your support will help hundreds of families transform their lives to ensure that their children grow up in secure, loving and healthy homes. 

With appreciation,

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Marti Brennan
Home Visitor and Parent Educator